The Beanstalk Pharm. Coffee Mug/Cafe Cup Combo - Set of 2

The Beanstalk Pharm. Coffee Mug/Cafe Cup Combo - Set of 2


These handmade ceramic mugs each hold 16 oz. of deliciousness (not included).

They're also dishwasher safe, so most of your time spent together will be quality time, as it should be.

If you’re the sort that reheats your coffee in the microwave, these mugs can handle that, too - although the surface is bound to get HOT, too.

But you shouldn’t microwave your coffee anyway.


You’re worth a fresh cup! 


  • Care and Handling

    All of our functional pottery is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. All glazes are lead free and safe for food. Do not place them on direct heat and avoid extreme temperature changes (start in a cold oven).

    Pottery should never be placed under a broiler, over direct flame or on the stovetop. Let pottery preheat with the oven. You can take the chill off by filling with hot tap water before putting in a preheated oven or adding very hot liquids or food. If taking pottery directly from the refrigerator let it warm up a little before placing in a hot oven or heating in the microwave. Setting a hot dish on cold tile or countertop is another source of thermal shock. Use a potholder, cork or wooden trivet.

    Pottery is dishwasher safe and many find it safer washing by machine than by slippery hands. However for longest life, many potters recommend hand washing to avoid chipping.

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