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a zube is born

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Here, at The Beanstalk Farm, we've been dog-less for a good many years, and not necessarily by accident. We love dogs! Dogs are great! We just got used to not having a dog around, and it was pretty okay. The Inspector is naturally suspicious of anything with more legs than he has, and has always kept a safe distance from all dogs, big and small, so just moving one in wouldn't do. He was going to have to be consulted.

We've been introduced to Zuber, and obviously, she's come to live with us now. A mere 12-pounds when we met, now 22-pounds only a week later.

Zuber's days are spent waking up, and seeking out the next place she'll sleep. She shows absolutely no interest in sun-rises, sunsets or long walks anywhere.

The Inspector is all-business, explaining local zoning laws, permit requirements and giving powerpoint presentations on why we don't eat pterodactyls. He's only asked her to leave once, so far...

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