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I'm Mars.

For as long as I can recall, I've felt compelled to make things.  A plain table, skyscraper birthday cake, or a dog topiary - it almost doesn't even matter....

As a kid, I spent some time drawing on walls, sticking things together...and plotting to wake up before my siblings on Saturdays, so I could spend the morning with Bob Ross.

Later, I'd try to recreate his landscapes in my room - with whatever I had on hand...and my dad's putty knives.

With an absolute 0% success rate, I didn't even try to paint again for 20+ years....

(it's not Bob's fault)

While I grew, it became apparent that the fashion industry wasn't thinking about me, specifically, so I learned to sew on my mom's machine - without her knowledge or consent. 

Since then, I've manufactured skydiving harnesses and scuba vests, repaired fire fighters' gear, and spent plenty of time with costumes.